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Category: Blog Office of Research Blog: Even as rents increase, fewer people are buying
Category: Blog Opciones de financiamiento de hipotecas en un ambiente con tasas de interés más altas
Category: Blog Mortgage financing options in a higher interest rate environment
Category: Blog Los consumidores afectados por los servicios financieros penitenciarios de JPay recibirán compensación
Category: Blog Consumers harmed by prison financial services company JPay to receive compensation
Category: Blog $95 millones a perjudicados por Premier Student Loan Center| CFPB
Category: Blog CFPB to issue $95 million in redress to consumers harmed by Premier Student Loan Center
Category: Blog Consumidores perjudicados por servicios de alivio de deuda fraudulentos, recibirán compensación
Category: Blog Consumers harmed by fraudulent student loan debt-relief services will receive payments
Category: Blog You can help caregivers spot illegal nursing home debt collection tactics
Category: Blog Usamos la data de quejas para ayudar a ciudades y condados a proteger a los consumidores
Category: Blog Usted puede ayudar a cuidadores a descubrir tácticas ilegales de cobranzas de deudas con hogares de cuidado
Category: Blog Update on state laws on lending to businesses
Category: Blog Changes to HMDA’s closed-end loan reporting threshold
Category: Blog Mejorando la data del público usada en préstamos automotrices
Category: Blog The CFPB Ombudsman’s Office shares its FY2022 Annual Report
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Higher interest rates leading to higher debt burdens for mortgage borrowers
Category: Blog Protecting borrowers’ control over their money
Category: Blog Protecting the right of military families to go to court
Category: Blog Using CFPB complaint data to help cities and counties protect the public
Category: Blog Enhancing public data on auto lending
Category: Blog The CFPB finalizes rule to increase transparency regarding key nonbank supervision tool
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Update on student loan borrowers during payment suspension
Category: Blog CFPB seeks further public input on big tech payment platforms
Category: Blog Sus voces guían nuestro trabajo
Category: Blog Estamos buscando más información del público sobre las plataformas de pago de las compañías “big tech”
Category: Blog Your voices help drive our work
Category: Blog Consumers who were charged illegal fees by Howard Law, P.C. will receive compensation
Category: Blog Aquellos consumidores a quienes Howard Law, P.C. les cobró tarifas ilegales, recibirán compensación
Category: Blog Mortgage Borrowers Can Challenge Inaccurate Appraisals Through the Reconsideration of Value Process
Category: Blog Herramientas financieras para las víctimas de los huracanes Fiona e Ian
Category: Blog A financial toolkit for victims of hurricanes Fiona and Ian
Category: Blog Examining the potential impact of high vehicle costs on Americans with deep subprime credit scores
Category: Blog Help us spur new opportunities for homeowners in the mortgage market
Category: Blog The CFPB is mobile-first
Category: Blog Market Monitoring Insights: Examining the Potential Credit Impact of High Vehicle Costs for Consumers
Category: Blog Checks sent to consumers harassed by Yorba Capital Management
Category: Blog Furnishers have an obligation to investigate consumer disputes
Category: Blog If you used U.S. Equity Advantage’s auto loan Payment Accelerator Program, a check may be on the way
Category: Blog Si usó el programa “U.S. Equity Advantage’s auto loan Payment Accelerator”, podría recibir un cheque de nosotros en la CFPB
Category: Blog Beware of scammers pretending to be from the CFPB
Category: Blog Este alerta con estafadores haciéndose pasar por nosotros
Category: Blog Exploring the connection between financial assistance for medical care and medical collections
Category: Blog Why we’re modernizing how we collect credit card data
Category: Blog Examining the factors driving high credit card interest rates
Category: Blog New risks emerge as line between payments and commerce blurs
Category: Blog CFPB recognizes national whistleblower day
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Housing inflation is hitting low-income renters
Category: Blog Time is running out for student loan servicers to help servicemembers with student loans get debt relief
Category: Blog Long hold times or excellent care? Tell us about the customer service at your bank or credit union!
Category: Blog Banks’ overdraft/NSF fee revenues evolve along with their policies
Category: Blog Using special purpose credit programs to serve unmet credit needs
Category: Blog Protecting servicemembers from costly auto loans and wrongful repossessions
Category: Blog Promoting Competition in Our Financial Markets
Category: Blog Technologists wanted
Category: Blog Accepting applications for CFPB advisory committees
Category: Blog New report explores the impact of credit card line decreases on consumers
Category: Blog Identifying and addressing the financial needs of immigrants
Category: Blog Tell us your stories about employer-driven debt
Category: Blog Rethinking the approach to regulations
Category: Blog Measuring the impact of financial institution overdraft programs on consumers
Category: Blog Buy Now, Pay Later and Credit Reporting
Category: Blog CFPB publishes Beginner’s Guide to Accessing and Using Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data
Category: Blog Protecting servicemembers from abuses of the military allotment system
Category: Blog Loan Cancellation for Student Loan Borrowers Who Attended Corinthian Colleges
Category: Blog Credit disputes: getting a clear statement of results from your furnisher
Category: Blog CFPB tells credit card CEOs: Practice of suppressing payment data has potential for consumer harm
Category: Blog FFELP student loan borrowers: take full advantage of fixes to Income-Driven Repayment
Category: Blog Explainer: What is nonbank supervision?
Category: Blog CFPB launches new system to promote consistent enforcement of consumer financial protections
Category: Blog Improving how the CFPB gathers feedback
Category: Blog Support Spanish-speaking customers with Spanish-language disclosures
Category: Blog Data spotlight: Older adults living in mobile homes
Category: Blog Credit reporting companies and furnishers have obligations to assure accuracy in consumer reports
Category: Blog The CFPB’s 2021 Fair Lending Annual Report to Congress
Category: Blog Exams lead to remediation for private loan servicers’ unfair practices
Category: Blog Cómo prevenir y reportar estafas contra adultos mayores
Category: Blog Overcharging for add-on products on auto loans
Category: Blog How to prevent and report scams targeting older adults
Category: Blog Transcript Withholding Holds Back Workers and Wages
Category: Blog Protecting families and honest businesses from debt collection abuses
Category: Blog The student loan pause was extended—three things to keep in mind
Category: Blog Consumers on course to save $1 billion in NSF fees annually, but some banks continue to charge these fees
Category: Blog Busting myths about bankruptcy and private student loans
Category: Blog Ou dwe konnen ki dwa ak pwoteksyon ou genyen nan sa ki gen pou wè avèk bòdwo medikal ak rekouvreman
Category: Blog Alamin ang iyong mga karapatan at proteksyon pagdating sa mga medikal na singil at pangongolekta
Category: Blog Know your rights and protections when it comes to medical bills and collections
Category: Blog Biết các quyền và biện pháp bảo vệ của quý vị khi đề cập tới hóa đơn và thu nợ y tế
Category: Blog 瞭解你關於醫療帳單和收帳的權利和保護措施
Category: Blog Conozca sus derechos y protecciones en relación a las facturas médicas y los cobros
Category: Blog Are you getting the help with your medical bills you are entitled to?
Category: Blog 의료비 및 추심에 대한 권리와 보호조치에 대해 알아보세요.
Category: Blog Знайте и защищайте свои права, касающиеся медицинских счетов и взыскания задолженности
Category: Blog Climate risk should be considered in housing decisions
Category: Blog Helping borrowers hold mortgage servicers accountable
Category: Blog Overdraft fees can price people out of banking
Category: Blog CFPB Extends Opportunity for Public to Provide Input on Junk Fees
Category: Blog The Fed is raising interest rates. What does that mean for borrowers and savers?
Category: Blog Cracking down on discrimination in the financial sector
Category: Blog Designing for the people we serve