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Resources for Practitioners

If you are a financial practitioner, educator or other professional who helps consumers plan and manage their money, these financial education tools and programs are for you.

Our free practitioner resources are designed to help professionals teach and encourage financial capability, on a wide range of consumer topics, from childhood through retirement.

Resources for your profession or organization

Financial Education and Empowerment Programs

Ready-to-use materials your organization can use to help consumers improve their financial well-being.

Your Money, Your Goals

Resources to help you support people in underserved populations meet their goals and gain access to financial wellness skills.


Resources that introduce you to financial education materials, reports and training sessions from across the CFPB and other government sources.

Financial inTuition podcast

Learn tips and strategies on how to make more informed financial decisions around managing money, saving and paying for higher education, and repaying student loan debt.

Financial well-being

Materials designed to help you integrate financial well-being education into your practice and measure its impact over time.

Free printed publications

Fact sheets, worksheets, guides, booklets, placemats, posters, bookmarks, and more. Available for you to print on demand or shipped to you at no cost.

K-12 classroom activities

K-12 classroom activities to help you teach financial capability across the curriculum, even if you’re new to the topic.

Managing someone else’s money

Guides to help you support financial caretakers in understanding fiduciary responsibilities, spotting financial exploitation, and avoiding scams.

Misadventures in Money Management (MiMM)

A virtual learning experience that helps future and current servicemembers, and their families, learn to navigate future financial landmines.

Money as You Grow

Age-appropriate tips and activities to help develop children’s money skills, habits, and attitudes.

Paying for college

Help students make informed financial decisions about paying for college.