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CFPB seeks further public input on big tech payment platforms

In October 2021, the CFPB ordered six large technology and peer-to-peer platforms that operate payment services (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, PayPal and Square) to provide information about their business practices, including their data collection and use, their policies for removing individuals or businesses from their platforms, and their policies and practices for adhering to key consumer protections like addressing disputes and errors. Today, the CFPB is announcing that it will re-open the public comment period for 30 days and add additional questions.

Faster payment systems are increasingly popular and offer many benefits to consumers, like sending money directly to other consumers or engaging in quicker transactions. But the scale and market power of large technology companies raise concerns about potential new risks to consumers and to broader competition in the marketplace. The CFPB continues to analyze the responses to the October 2021 orders and public comments and to share our insights with the public. For example, in August, the CFPB released a report , The Convergence of Payments and Commerce, that outlined consumer risks stemming from financial services companies’ ability to aggregate and monetize consumer financial data.

As the CFPB continues to assess the payments market, we are inviting additional public comment that will broaden our understanding of the risks consumers face and potential policy solutions. In particular, we are seeking additional public input on companies’ acceptable use policies and their use of fines, liquidated damages provisions, and other penalties. The CFPB will publish a Federal Register notice with additional details on the public comment period in the coming days.

Read the Federal Register notice

Read the November 2021 Federal Register notice .

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