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We study how consumers interact with financial products and services to help identify potential problems in the marketplace and achieve better outcomes for all. Review our reports and analyses to help inform your decisions, policies, and practices. And, see reports that we periodically prepare about the CFPB.

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Category: Supervisory Highlights |

Supervisory Highlights, Issue 24, Summer 2021

This is the 24th edition of Supervisory Highlights. The findings included in this report cover examinations in the areas of auto servicing, consumer reporting, debt collection, deposits, fair lending, mortgage origination, mortgage servicing, payday lending, private education loan origination and student loan servicing that were completed between January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

Category: Data point |

Manufactured Housing Finance: New Insights from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

This report analyzes manufactured home loans, using two new fields in the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data to understand the manufactured housing finance market and compare chattel loans and mortgages.

Category: Consumer education and empowerment |

Financial Coaching Initiative: Results and Lessons Learned

This report presents results and lessons learned from the CFPB’s Financial Coaching Initiative. The CFPB placed financial coaches in 60 community-based organizations across the country. The program reached over 23,000 veterans and economically vulnerable consumers. The report provides guidance on how to implement a coaching program across a range of diverse communities and organizations.

Category: To Congress |

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Independent Audit of Selected Operations and Budget, Fiscal Year 2019

In accordance with the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB orders an annual independent audit of the operations and budget of the Bureau. The purpose of this audit is to provide objective analyses to improve program performance and operations, reduce costs, facilitate decision-making, and contribute to public accountability.

Category: Consumer complaint | Category: To Congress |

2020 Consumer Response annual report

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau began consumer response operations on July 21, 2011, and became the first federal agency solely focused on consumer financial protection. The Bureau’s Consumer Response team hears directly from consumers about the challenges they face in the marketplace, brings their concerns to the attention of financial institutions, and assists in addressing their complaints.

Category: Industry and markets |

Housing insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic

This report summarizes some of the relevant data and research on the impact of the pandemic on the rental and mortgage market, and particularly its impact on low income and minority households. 11 million renter and homeowner households were significantly overdue on their regular housing payments as of December 2020, placing them at heightened risk of losing their homes to foreclosure or eviction over the coming months. Black and Hispanic households were more than twice as likely to report being behind on their payments than white households.

Category: To Congress |

GAO-IG Act Reporting

On January 3, 2019, the Good Accounting Obligation in Government Act (GAO-IG Act) was enacted as Public Law number 115-414. The GAO-IG Act requires agencies to annually submit a report to Congress on the status of open public audit recommendations. This report is published by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection in compliance with that law.