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Advisory Opinion program

The Bureau’s Advisory Opinion program provides written guidance to assist regulated entities to better understand their legal and regulatory obligations through advisory opinions.

Parties may submit requests for advisory opinions regarding any issue under the Bureau’s purview that can be resolved through an interpretive rule.

Featured topic

On November 4, 2021, the Bureau issued an Advisory Opinion on consumer reporting agencies’ matching practices under the FCRA.

Purpose of the program

The Advisory Opinion program provides a mechanism through which the Bureau can carry out its statutory purposes and objectives by better enabling compliance.

Policy and related documents

Final Advisory Opinions Policy

Advisory Opinion Letters

Consumer reporting agencies’ matching practices – Nov. 4, 2021

Special purpose credit programs – Dec. 21, 2020

Earned wage access – Nov. 30, 2020

Private education loans – Nov. 30, 2020

Submit a request for an advisory opinion

Submit your request for an advisory opinion to Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Other reference materials

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