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Category: Blog State Regulatory Developments on “Income-Based Advances”
Category: Blog CFPB Ombudsman’s Office 2023 Annual Report
Category: Blog Piloting Disclosures for Construction Loans
Category: Blog $240 mil serán distribuidos a afectados por estafa
Category: Blog CFPB to distribute more than $240,000 to consumers harmed by student loan debt-relief scam
Category: Blog Servicemembers continue to face major financial challenges
Category: Blog Next public hearing on appraisal bias: November 1
Category: Blog Protegemos el acceso de inmigrantes a oportunidades de crédito justas
Category: Blog Protecting Immigrant Access to Fair Credit Opportunities
Category: Blog Four million complaints: More than just a milestone
Category: Blog The law requires companies to delete disputed unverified information from consumer reports
Category: Blog As payments on federal student loans resume, federal student loan borrowers may be eligible for cancellation or lower payments
Category: Blog Prestamistas estudiantiles federales podrían recibir cancelación o pagos más bajos
Category: Blog Consejos para que se recupere financieramente del huracán Idalia
Category: Blog Tips for recovering financially from Hurricane Idalia
Category: Blog Recovering financially from the Hawaii wildfires
Category: Blog Recupérese financieramente de los incendios en Hawaii
Category: Blog What we’re hearing from consumers in New Mexico
Category: Blog Qué nos dicen los consumidores de New Mexico
Category: Blog Las dificultades financieras son más duras en Puerto Rico, que en el resto del país
Category: Blog Financial struggles in Puerto Rico bite deeper than the rest of the United States
Category: Blog Federal housing agencies strongly encourage landlords to provide tenants written notice of their rights
Category: Blog Looking at credit scores only tells part of the story – cashflow data may tell another part
Category: Blog Twelve years of protecting consumers and honest businesses
Category: Blog Что ждет Bank of America и его клиентов
Category: Blog Qué viene a continuación para Bank of America y sus clientes
Category: Blog Bank of America(美國銀行)及其客戶的未來展望
Category: Blog Tương lai dành cho Bank of America và Khách hàng của mình
Category: Blog Bank of America 및 고객 추후 대응
Category: Blog What’s ahead for Bank of America and its customers
Category: Blog Sa ki rezève pou Bank of America ak kliyan li yo
Category: Blog Ano ang naghihintay para sa Bank of America at sa mga kostumer nito
Category: Blog ما هو المستقبل لـ Bank of America وعملائه
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Initial Fresh Start program changes followed by increased credit scores for affected student loan borrowers
Category: Blog Ensuring consumers receive critical lending protections
Category: Blog Distribuiremos más de $3.5 millones entre los consumidores a quienes les cobraron tarifas ilegales para reducir o eliminar sus préstamos estudiantiles federales
Category: Blog CFPB to distribute more than $3.5 million to consumers who were charged illegal fees to reduce or eliminate their federal student loans
Category: Blog The CFPB's 2022 Fair Lending Annual Report to Congress
Category: Blog CFPB Entrega al Congreso el Reporte Anual del 2022 sobre Equidad en el Crédito
Category: Blog How are mortgages with a COVID-related forbearance performing in 2023?
Category: Blog Protecting consumers’ right to challenge discrimination
Category: Blog Accepting applications for CFPB advisory committees
Category: Blog Worker surveillance poses potential privacy harms
Category: Blog La vigilancia al trabajador amenaza la privacidad
Category: Blog Protegiendo a propietarios de tasaciones discriminatorias de viviendas
Category: Blog The CFPB intends to identify ways to simplify and streamline the existing mortgage servicing rules
Category: Blog La CFPB intenta identificar formas de simplificar y agilizar las normas para la administración de hipotecas
Category: Blog Laying the foundation for open banking in the United States
Category: Blog Sentando las bases para una banca abierta en el país
Category: Blog Extendemos la fecha tope para recibir comentarios sobre los corredores de datos
Category: Blog We are extending the deadline for comments about data brokers
Category: Blog La CFPB ha entrado al chat
Category: Blog The CFPB has entered the chat
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Update on student loan borrowers during payment suspension
Category: Blog Nuevas Lecciones para Redes de Justicia del Anciano
Category: Blog New lessons for elder justice networks
Category: Blog Algoritmos, inteligencia artificial y equidad en tasaciones de vivienda
Category: Blog Algorithms, artificial intelligence, and fairness in home appraisals
Category: Blog Mortgage data shows that borrowers could save $100 a month (or more) by choosing cheaper lenders
Category: Blog Building resilience and durability into mortgage rules
Category: Blog Have medical debt? Anything already paid or under $500 should no longer be on your credit report
Category: Blog ¿Tiene deudas médicas? Ninguna que haya pagado o que sea menos de $500, debería aparecer en su informe de crédito
Category: Blog CFPB to distribute more than $22 million to consumers harmed by Burlington Financial Group’s debt relief and credit repair scams
Category: Blog Distribuiremos más de $22 millones a consumidores afectados por las estafas con alivio de deudas y reparación de crédito del Burlington Financial Group
Category: Blog Adjustable-rate loans are changing, because a widely-used interest rate index expires in June
Category: Blog Credit reporting companies should do more to ensure that servicemembers receive the free credit monitoring services they are legally entitled to
Category: Blog Zombie second mortgages: When collectors come for long forgotten home loans
Category: Blog Segundas hipotecas zombis: Qué hacer cuando los cobradores lleguen a cobrar préstamos hipotecarios olvidados
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Who gets sued in civil courts? Civil judgments are not evenly distributed
Category: Blog Mientras la deuda de tarjetas de crédito alcanza un nuevo pico, en la CFPB nos enfocamos en aumentar la competencia y reducir los costos
Category: Blog As outstanding credit card debt hits new high, the CFPB is focusing on ways to increase competition and reduce costs
Category: Blog Protecting people from discriminatory targeting
Category: Blog CFPB to distribute more than $4.7 million to consumers impacted by nationwide student financial aid scam
Category: Blog Distribuimos más de $4.7 millones entre consumidores en toda la nación afectados por estafa con ayuda financiera estudiantil
Category: Blog Tell us your experiences with data brokers
Category: Blog Hemos destinado $11 millones para los consumidores afectados por una operación ilegal de alivio de préstamos estudiantiles
Category: Blog CFPB has allocated $11 million for consumers harmed by illegal student loan debt relief operation
Category: Blog Bringing tech enforcers together to protect consumers
Category: Blog Protecting homeowners from discriminatory home appraisals
Category: Blog CFPB starting mandated review of mortgage loan originator rules
Category: Blog Tell us about your experiences with rental background checks and fees
Category: Blog Opine acerca de sus experiencias con las revisiones de antecedentes a inquilinos y sus tarifas
Category: Blog Seeking public input: new proposal for alternative mortgage disclosures for construction loans
Category: Blog Buscamos comentarios del público sobre nueva propuesta de divulgaciones hipotecarias alternativas, para préstamos para la construcción
Category: Blog CFPB finalizes update to administrative enforcement proceedings
Category: Blog Our auto finance data pilot
Category: Blog Why the largest credit card companies are suppressing actual payment data on your credit report
Category: Blog Por qué las grandes compañías emisoras de tarjetas de crédito suprimen datos reales de pagos en su informe de crédito
Category: Blog WARNO: They call themselves “coaches” or “consultants” and advertise their ability to assist you with your VA benefits claim but may not be accredited to practice before the VA
Category: Blog 제한적 영어 구사능력을 가진 소비자를 위한 정보 접근성 강화
Category: Blog Fortalecimiento de la accesibilidad a la información para los consumidores con dominio limitado del inglés
Category: Blog 為有限英語能力的消費者改善資訊獲取能力
Category: Blog Appraisal standards must include federal prohibitions against discrimination
Category: Blog Los estándares de tasaciones deben incluir las prohibiciones federales contra la discriminación
Category: Blog تعزيز إمكانية الوصول إلى المعلومات للمستهلكين ذوي الكفاءة المحدودة في اللغة الإنكليزية (LEP)
Category: Blog Расширение доступа к информации для потребителей с ограниченным знанием английского языка
Category: Blog Tăng cường khả năng tiếp cận thông tin cho người tiêu dùng có trình độ tiếng Anh hạn chế
Category: Blog Debt collectors re-evaluate medical debt furnishing in light of data integrity issues
Category: Blog Strengthening information accessibility for consumers with limited English proficiency
Category: Blog N ap fè sa pi fasil pou konsomatè ki gen konpetans limite nan anglè jwenn enfòmasyon