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Payments to harmed consumers

When we enforce the law, we or a court may order the defendant to take action to correct the harm it caused consumers. This can include requiring the company or person to compensate (or pay back) its victims by providing consumer redress or a refund.

Payments by case

When the CFPB or a court orders a company to pay money to consumers harmed by their actions, the payments may be distributed directly by the company, through the Civil Penalty Fund, or a payments administrator.

Civil Penalty Fund

A civil money penalty is a fine that the government can issue for certain violations of consumer protection laws. Whenever we collect a civil money penalty through an enforcement action, the money is deposited into our victims relief fund, called the Civil Penalty Fund. The Civil Penalty Fund can be used to pay eligible harmed consumers who are not expected to get full compensation directly from the person or company that broke the law. Since consumers can only obtain redress from the Civil Penalty Fund in cases where a civil money penalty is imposed, the CFPB may impose a nominal $1 civil money penalty.

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