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Credit reports and scores

Your credit reports and scores have a major impact on your financial opportunities. Our resources can help you better understand your credit reports and scores, learn how to correct inaccuracies, and improve your credit record over time.

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Know the data on your credit report

You know your credit report is important, but the information that credit reporting companies use to create that report is just as important—and you have a right to see that data. Use our list of credit reporting companies to request and review each of your reports.

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The basics of credit reports and scores

Learn how to get your credit reports

You should check your credit reports at least once a year to make sure there are no errors that could keep you from getting credit or the best available terms on a loan. Read more

What to look for in your credit reports

Once you request your credit reports, it’s important to know what kind of information you should be on the lookout for as you review them. Read more

Learn about the difference between credit scores and credit reports

Your credit reports and credit scores are both critical to your financial health, but they play very different roles. Read more

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Submit a complaint

If you are having an issue with credit reporting or scores, you can submit a complaint to the CFPB. We’ll work to get you a response from the company.

Note: You should also submit a dispute directly to both the credit reporting company who sent you the report and the company that provided the information. 

Learn more about credit reports and scores

Looking for more information? We can help you address many other questions you may have about credit reports and scores.