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Visit our data and research section to find research we’ve published and information we’ve collected about the consumer financial marketplace.

To learn more about the Bureau’s data governance policies, charters and data sharing procedures, please visit our public report on the sources and uses of data at the Bureau.

Office of the Chief Data Officer

The Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO) leads the Bureau’s data strategy and facilitates the effective management, use, sharing, and protection of Bureau data assets to meet the Bureau’s statutory requirements and enable the Bureau to achieve its mission.  The OCDO also leads the Bureau’s implementation of the Federal Data Strategy  and statutory requirements of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018  to facilitate data-driven decision making and ensure that the data needs of the Bureau are met.


Chief Data Officer: Ren Essene

Data Governance Board

The Bureau’s Data Governance Board (DGB) was chartered  in 2014 and serves as the Bureau’s cross-agency data governance advisory body.  The DGB is charged with assessing the risks and benefits associated with managing the Bureau’s data assets and reviewing and providing guidance on data policies.  The DGB meets twice monthly and is chaired by the CDO.  In order to assess Bureau-wide implications of decisions, the DGB is comprised of senior staff from across the Bureau, including representatives from the OCDO, Privacy team, Cybersecurity team, Office of Consumer Response (CR), Consumer Education & Engagement Division (CEE), Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending Division (SEFL), Research, Markets & Regulations Division (RMR), Legal Division (LD), External Affairs Division (EA), Office of the Director, and the Operations Division.

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