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Serving the public through data transparency and access

Data Transparency

At the CFPB, we leverage the full potential of data to meet our mission. This means proactively and securely acquiring, analyzing, and publishing high quality data and research to keep pace with statutory mandates and an evolving data-driven economy. Data is a fundamental driver of our mission to ensure that people have access to fair, transparent, and competitive markets for consumer financial products and services. The CFPB is committed to improving transparency and accessibility by providing the public with timely and reliable data that will enable them to make informed decisions.

Pursuant to the OPEN Government Data Act, the CFPB also maintains a Public Data Inventory, a centralized location where the public can readily access CFPB data and information, browse the FOIA Reading Room, and contact the Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO) with data related questions and comments. In addition, the CFPB has identified its high priority data assets and made them available in OPEN format within the Federal Data Catalogue. In addition, the CFPB released a report in 2018, Sources and Uses of Data at the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Data Report) that described the CFPB’s data governance program, as well as data the CFPB collects, where it comes from, and how it’s used within the CFPB.

View the Public Data Inventory

Browse the Federal Data Catalogue

Read the Data Report

Read about the OPEN Government Data Act

Read the CFPB’s Information Resources Management Plan, which includes the CFPB’s Open Data Plan

Chief Data Officer

Ren Essene

The CFPB's Chief Data Officer (CDO) is Ren Essene. She has over 30 years of public service experience at the intersection of data, consumer protection, and community development.

Office of the Chief Data Officer

The OCDO leads the CFPB’s Enterprise Data Strategy and is responsible for developing policies and guidance to facilitate compliance and effectively manage the use, sharing, and protection of CFPB data assets across the data lifecycle. The OCDO also leads the CFPB’s implementation of the statutory requirements of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (Evidence Act) and efforts related to the Federal Data Strategy to facilitate data-driven decision-making and ensure that the data needs of the CFPB are met.

Read about the Evidence Act

Read about the Federal Data Strategy

Data Governance

The CFPB has centralized processes for managing data across the lifecycle, supported by its three data governance bodies. The DGB is responsible for assessing the benefits and risks associated with the management of the CFPB’s data assets, reviewing and offering guidance on data policies, and improving information governance standards. The DGB meets monthly and is chaired by the CDO and comprised of senior staff from across the CFPB.

To streamline data intake and release request processes, the CFPB established the Data Intake Group (DIG) and Data Release Group (DRG). The DIG and DRG help centralize the review process and ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and CFPB policies before data is brought into the CFPB or released to the public. This governance structure is managed by the OCDO and serves as the foundation for making CFPB data assets more readily available and accessible to the public.

Read the DGB charter

Enterprise Data Strategy

The Enterprise Data Strategy builds on the CFPB’s strong data governance structure and is informed by the need for an agile approach to the work, innovative data management, the upskilling of staff, and robust knowledge management capture. The strategy supports the execution of the CFPB’s Strategic Plan and provides a shared agenda for the CFPB to leverage the full potential of data to achieve our mission.


The CFPB leverages the full potential of data to meet its mission; and proactively and securely shares quality data and research to keep pace with statutory mandates and an evolving data-driven economy.

Foundational principles

Guiding the strategy

  • Protect Confidential Information & Secure Data
  • Foster a Data Culture
  • Governed Data Sharing & Democratization
  • Data Informed Decision-Making
  • Scale & Innovate Leveraging Technology


Turning the strategy into action

  • Increase External Data Publication
  • Build a Modern Data Platform
  • Enable Quality Research & Analysis
  • Increase Awareness and Knowledge About Data
  • Foster Data Literacy

Download the Enterprise Data Strategy handout

FOIA reports, logs, and frequently requested records

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that enables members of the public to request records from the government. Our FOIA team responds to FOIA requests and frequently updates our FOIA Reading Room with proactive disclosures and other frequently requested records. The CFPB’s FOIA Reading Room contains logs of closed FOIA requests, productions of the most frequently requested records under the FOIA, and the CFPB’s FOIA annual reporting to the Department of Justice. FOIA requesters may contact the CFPB’s FOIA team to check on the status of their FOIA request or assist in the resolution of FOIA disputes.

Read about the Freedom of Information Act

Browse the FOIA Reading Room

Email the CFPB's FOIA Public Liaison

We take your privacy seriously

The CFPB collects only the minimum amount of personally identifiable information (PII) needed, whether it is to assist with your consumer financial issue or to work on consumer issues more broadly. When releasing data, we are careful to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the data asset.

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