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Prepaid account agreements

Explore our searchable database of prepaid account agreements. Issuers can use our resources to submit prepaid account agreements, as required under the Prepaid Rule.

View prepaid account agreements

Search the agreements database

Search our database of prepaid product agreements.

Download the data

Download all prepaid product agreement files and their supporting metadata.

Submit prepaid account agreements

The Prepaid Rule requires prepaid account issuers to submit their prepaid account agreements to the Bureau. Issuers must make a submission whenever a new agreement is offered, a previously submitted agreement is amended, or a previously submitted agreement is no longer offered.


Collect is the Bureau’s website that allows an issuer to submit its required prepaid account agreements. An issuer must use Collect to submit its agreements to the Bureau.

Submission instructions for Collect

The Bureau has created resources to help prepaid account issuers make submissions using Collect.

Prepaid Rule and Implementation Materials

Access the Prepaid Rule and resources that help industry participants implement and comply with the Prepaid Rule.

Prepaid implementation materials

Resources to help industry participants understand, implement, and comply with the Prepaid Rule.

Full text of the Prepaid Rule

The Bureau issued this final rule, and subsequent amendments, to create comprehensive consumer protections for prepaid accounts under Regulation E and Regulation Z.