Credit card agreements and surveys

Explore our databases about credit cards, including general credit card agreements and college credit card marketing agreements. View survey data and data around the Credit CARD Act.

Credit card agreements

We maintain a database of credit card agreements from more than 300 card issuers. Using the database, you can search for an agreement by the name of the issuer; some full-text searching is available.

College credit card marketing agreements

We collect information annually from credit card issuers who have marketing agreements with universities, colleges, or affiliated organizations such as alumni associations, sororities, fraternities, and foundations. We publish annual reports to Congress, and we maintain publicly accessible files of the agreements.

Survey data of credit card plan terms

We semiannually survey the terms of credit card plans offered by financial institutions and publish reports of the findings. The largest credit card issuers in the country are required to participate in the survey, and we select other financial institutions to participate as well.

From the archive: 2011 survey data

In 2011, we commissioned a survey to explore how people perceive some of the changes made by the Credit CARD Act that took effect in 2010. The raw files of survey responses are available in txt and csv files.