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Consumers who were charged illegal fees by Howard Law, P.C. will receive compensation

If you paid a fee to Howard Law, P.C. on or after January 30, 2014, you may be entitled to a payment because of a federal lawsuit. In January 2017, the CFPB sued a ring of law firms and attorneys (Vincent Howard, Lawrence Williamson, Howard Law, P.C., The Williamson Law Firm, LLC, and Williamson & Howard, LLP), who collaborated to charge illegal fees to struggling consumers seeking debt relief. Learn more about the lawsuit.

Checks and claims forms—sent from Epiq Systems—will be mailed to eligible consumers in October 2022, based on records obtained by the CFPB. Visit to learn more and submit a claim.

If you have questions related to the case, you can call (800) 651-8743 or email .

About payments to harmed consumers

Obtaining consumer redress is a top priority in any enforcement action, and when the CFPB enforces the law, we or a court may require the person or company to compensate its victims for this harm by providing consumer redress out of its own funds. In certain circumstances, when the person or company doesn’t have sufficient funds, however, the CFPB uses a victims relief fund (also known as the Civil Penalty Fund) to compensate victims who haven’t received full compensation for their harm through redress paid by the defendant in their case. Learn more about the victims relief fund and other distributions.

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