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التكلفة الخفية للرسوم المفاجئة وغير المتوقعة

عندما نتسوق كثيرا ما نبحث عن أرخص سعر معلن، ولكن السعر الحقيقي قد يتضمن رسوما مفاجئة وغير متوقعة. فتعلـّم عن أكثر أنواع الرسوم المفاجئة وغير المتوقعة شيوعا وشارك آراءك حول مدى تأثير هذه الرسوم على حياتك المالية.
Data, research, and reports

Trends in Reported Assistance on Consumers’ Credit Records

Since July 2020, consumers have transitioned out of assistance to varying degrees across all credit products, but a significant share of mortgage borrowers continue to receive assistance.
Data, research, and reports

Credit applications remain depressed for credit cards and auto loans

Consumer credit markets in September were still far from their normal operation prior to the pandemic. This blog posts compares the actual volume of credit inquiries to their usual pre-pandemic volume. Credit card and auto loan inquiries remain depressed, while new mortgage inquiries are above their usual level.