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Bureau releases its assessment report of the Remittance Rule

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection released the findings of its assessment of the Remittance Rule, which provides protections to international money transfers. The report describes the Rule, the market, and the Bureau’s findings on the Rule’s effectiveness in meeting factors outlined in the Dodd-Frank Act.

Category: Data, research, and reports |

Understanding Consumer Experiences: Insights from CFPB’s 2016 Consumer Response Annual Report

We recently published our Consumer Response Annual Report, which provides an overview of the complaints we received in 2016. 

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Send money abroad with more confidence

Today, you have new rights if you send money to family or others outside the United States. These protections come from a new rule that applies to electronic money transfers sent by consumers in the United States to people or businesses in other countries. In general, the rule covers transfers sent by companies – such […]

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Updates to remittance transfer rule resources and a correction to the rule

We strive to make financial markets work for both consumers and the entities we regulate. Critical to that goal is making sure that businesses – both small and large – have what they need to understand and comply with our new regulations, which are designed both to help consumers and make a fair playing field […]

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Now accepting money transfer complaints

It’s pretty incredible that you can quickly send money to almost anywhere in the country or abroad. Many people do so on a daily basis and starting today you can submit a money transfer complaint if you have an issue such as: Money was not available when promised Wrong amount charged or received (Transfer amounts, […]