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Seis consejos a tener en cuenta cuando le ofrezcan la tarjeta de crédito de una tienda

En estas fiestas, usted seguramente recibirá más de una oferta para abrir la tarjeta de crédito de alguna tienda. Claro, la oferta de un 20 por ciento extra, o de cero intereses si lo paga completo, puede  sonar muy tentadora, pero puede tener un precio. Tenemos 6 consejos a seguir para que disfrute de los beneficios y reduzca los riesgos.

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New report explores the extent of revolving in the U.S. credit card market

The analysis shows that about two thirds of actively used credit card accounts carry a revolving balance. Once consumers begin to revolve, they do so continuously for about 10 months on average, with approximately 15 percent revolving continuously for two years or more. The longer a balance is revolved, the higher the chances that the consumer will continue to revolve a balance.   

Category: Data, research, and reports |

Aggregate credit card borrowing exhibits end-of-year seasonal patterns which vary across different sets of consumers

This report finds that aggregate end-of-year consumer credit card borrowing roughly follows end-of-year retail expenditure patterns, with consumer borrowing experiences differing across consumers with different credit scores and different credit card utilization rates at baseline.