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Office of Research blog: A look at cash-out refinance mortgages and their borrowers between 2013 to 2023

As interest rates increased in 2022, the number of refinance mortgage originations declined, with cash-out refinances becoming a larger share of all refinances. Cash-out refinances exacerbated the 2008 financial crisis, but regulatory and market developments may have changed the risks of cash-out refinances to consumers and the mortgage market. A new analysis looks at the characteristics of these refinances and the rates of delinquency.
Director's notebook Policy and compliance

The CFPB intends to identify ways to simplify and streamline the existing mortgage servicing rules

CFPB will propose streamlining the existing mortgage servicing rules to promote greater agility on the part of mortgage servicers in responding to future economic shocks while also continuing to ensure they meet their obligations for assisting borrowers promptly and fairly.
Info for consumers

Seven examples of unfair practices and other violations by mortgage servicers: CFPB supervision activities uncover red flags

CFPB’s supervision activities revealed unfair acts and practices, and other violations, by mortgage servicers. Here’s what to be aware of and how to find the resources you need if you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments.
Director's notebook Info for consumers

Mientras las protecciones expiran, la nueva normativa para la administración hipotecaria busca reducir las ejecuciones que sean evitables

En efecto desde el 31 de agosto del 2021, la nueva normativa les exige a los administradores hipotecarios ofrecerles a los propietarios, oportunidades reales para evitar el “foreclosure” y mantenerse en sus viviendas mientras las protecciones expiran.