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At the CFPB

New effort focused on financial issues facing rural communities

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a launched a new initiative to focus on financial issues facing rural America. Our effort will initially focus on rural banking deserts, discriminatory and predatory agricultural credit, and manufactured housing.
Info for consumers

Did you get a notice that your student loans are transferring to a new servicer? Learn more about what this means for you

Many federal student loan borrowers will have their loans transferred to a new servicer. If your loans are currently being serviced by FedLoan Servicing or Granite State, this article can help you prepare for the transition to a new servicer.
Policy and compliance

El CFPB en búsqueda de comentarios formales para mejorar las directrices para servir a consumidores LEP

El CFPB planea desarrollar directrices para la atención a consumidores LEP o con Limitado Manejo del Inglés y para ello, está recibiendo comentarios públicos formales a través de su Solicitud de Información del año 2020 sobre la Ley de Oportunidad Equitativa al Crédito y Regulación B.
Policy and compliance

Bureau seeks formal comments to inform forthcoming guidance on serving LEP consumers

The Bureau plans to develop guidance to industry on serving consumers with limited English proficiency (LEP) and welcomes public comments through the Bureau’s 2020 Request for Information on the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B.
Data, research, and reports

Promising practices and lessons learned for Child Savings Account programs

Building upon the work of the Bureau’s child savings account initiative, the goal of these briefs is to identify, document, and advance promising and proven practices that can increase child savings opportunities for more families with low incomes and low wealth, and that can be taken to scale.