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A new retrospective on the removal of public records

In July 2017, the nationwide consumer reporting agencies began removing civil judgments and tax liens from credit reports. Millions of consumers had records wiped from their report. Following these consumers over the next two years, this report looks at how the removal affected the relationship between credit scores and consumers’ credit performance.

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Seis consejos a tener en cuenta cuando le ofrezcan la tarjeta de crédito de una tienda

En estas fiestas, usted seguramente recibirá más de una oferta para abrir la tarjeta de crédito de alguna tienda. Claro, la oferta de un 20 por ciento extra, o de cero intereses si lo paga completo, puede  sonar muy tentadora, pero puede tener un precio. Tenemos 6 consejos a seguir para que disfrute de los beneficios y reduzca los riesgos.

Category: Data, research, and reports |

New report shows how student loan borrowers fare on Income-Driven Repayment Plans

This Data Point uses the Bureau’s Consumer Credit Panel to identify likely users of income-driven repayment and provides descriptive statistics of who these borrowers are and how delinquencies on student loans and other products change after borrowers enroll in these alternative repayment programs.