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CFPB announces 30 new Your Money, Your Goals partners to help low-income consumers

The Office of Financial Empowerment announces 30 new partners selected to participate in Your Money, Your Goals training and expand the reach of financial empowerment tools and information to low-income consumers. The national launch report, released today, outlines the initial success of the Your Money, Your Goals initiative.

Published Category: Info for consumers

More momentum for promoting tools for social services programs

In the six months since we announced the release of Your Money, Your Goals: A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Social Services Programs, organizations across the country have been at work equipping frontline social services staff to use its information and tools to help their clients learn financial decision-making skills. This comprehensive guide to empowered financial decision-making covers topics like budgeting daily expenses, managing debt, and avoiding financial tricks and traps.

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Here’s how community-based organizations can do business with us

So often, the work that we do relies on the knowledge and expertise that community-based organizations provide us. These organizations are our eyes and ears on-the-ground, and they give us feedback on how our work can impact people. We want to make sure that we not only informally include these organizations in our meetings and […]