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Protecting funds from the <em>Cobell v. Salazar</em> settlement

Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans started getting the first payments last week as part of a long-awaited settlement with the federal government over its management as trustee of Individual Indian Money Accounts. The settlement, commonly known as Cobell v. Salazar, means the arrival of funds for Native Americans across the country. Cash payments like […]

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Giving or receiving gift cards? Know the terms and avoid surprises

My family and I just moved into a new house. With all the packing and unpacking, my kids and I found three gift cards we had forgotten about. Mine was from my birthday, almost a year ago. Theirs were from last Christmas. So while most consumers are shopping for this year’s holiday season, we’re putting […]

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A joint enforcement action with states to stop illegal advance fees

Today, a federal district court entered an order that returns money to the pockets of American consumers and stops a company from violating laws. The case also represents a landmark for us: it’s the first time we’ve joined with state attorneys general in filing suit to enforce consumer-financial-protection laws. The order is a win for […]

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Realigning our supervision work

Today we’re announcing the reorganization of our Headquarters staff for Supervision. We will continue having two Supervision offices at Headquarters, but now we will have one focusing on examinations and one focusing on policy. This realignment is consistent with our mission to protect consumers across financial services markets without regard to the charter of the […]

Access, Data and Scale – Strategies to making the market work better for low-income and economically vulnerable consumers

Many of the low-income and economically vulnerable consumers we serve through the Office of Financial Empowerment face barriers to accessing affordable financial services. And for the many social service and financial-product providers that want to reach them, barriers to scalability – making proven solutions available to a significant number of people — and a lack […]

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Why you should be suspicious of government logos

No, really. Just because something has a government logo on it doesn’t mean that it’s legitimate. Just today, we announced that we’re cracking down on two mortgage loan modification operations that allegedly ripped-off struggling homeowners across the country using websites, emails, and other advertising materials with government logos, letterhead, or other marks to trick consumers […]

Sharing consumer complaint data with state agencies

We help consumers with complaints about credit cards, mortgages, student loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, credit reporting, bank services, and other consumer loans. Today, we’re announcing plans to share data from those complaints with state regulatory agencies. This way, multiple government agencies can work on the consumer’s behalf without them having to file complaints with […]