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Cleveland, save the date!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is continuing its commitment to hear from consumers around the country about their experiences with financial products and services. Last month, the Bureau heard from consumers in Minnesota, and our next stop will be Ohio.

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Honoring veterans

November 11th is Veterans Day. This week the CFPB took a moment to recognize and honor the veterans in our ranks: 87 of them! We showed photos of them while they were in the service (some rather surprising), and we also asked them to sum up in three words the meaning of Veterans Day. The […]

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Know Before You Owe: It’s closing time

Last month, as we tested another round of the initial mortgage disclosure, we mentioned that we’d be shifting our focus in the coming months. Today, we begin testing a new form in Des Moines, Iowa: the closing disclosure. Currently, when you go to the settlement or “closing” of a loan, you receive a stack of […]

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Protecting military members from predatory lending

As a lifetime military family member, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact financial scams and predatory lending can have on our military families. I also spent 6 years as the head of the Better Business Bureau’s BBB Military Line program, and that was an education for me about the consumer issues and scams that impact […]