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We’re listening

As we work to ensure a consumer bureau that’s responsive to today’s most pressing problems, we’ve made it a priority to keep one foot firmly planted outside the Beltway. We know that those of us here in Washington will never understand what’s going on in your community better than you do. That’s why we continue […]

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Help for struggling military homeowners

Military families throughout the country are not immune to the ongoing housing crisis. On my travels to military bases, I’ve heard too many distressing stories about servicemembers who are underwater on their mortgage and are faced with military permanent change of station (PCS) orders that require them to relocate at a time when their home […]

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Know Before You Owe: And now for something completely different…

In the first three rounds of Know Before You Owe, we asked you to compare different draft versions of a simplified mortgage disclosure form. Round 1 was about designs for the front-page, the “shopping sheet.” Round 2 was about the second page, which presents the closing costs. Round 3 offered different ways to highlight and […]