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Toddlers to teens: How to kick-start your child’s saving habits

On our newly redesigned web resource Money as You Grow, you will find activities designed for each age group to help prepare your children for their financial lives. We’ve also combined the activities with our research on how adults develop financial well-being to show you why the activities work. Let us know what you think! 

Published Category: Info for consumers

De pequeños a adolescentes: Cómo poner en marcha los hábitos de ahorro de sus hijos

Hacer que sus hijos ahorren dinero puede ser más difícil que lograr que se cepillen los dientes o coman sus vegetales. Pero es uno de muchos hábitos buenos respecto al dinero que puede inculcar a sus hijos. Siga leyendo para enterarse cómo usted puede desarrollar una mentalidad de ahorro desde la primera infancia hasta la adultez temprana.

Published Category: Info for consumers

Take a tour of Money as You Grow! Our new resource to help parents and caregivers give children a strong financial start

Money can be a complicated topic, and knowing what’s best for your child can be difficult. To help parents and caregivers, we’re launching a newly redesigned web resource, Money as You Grow, with activities designed for each age group, from children as young as three years old to teenagers and young adults.