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New report explores the extent of revolving in the U.S. credit card market

The analysis shows that about two thirds of actively used credit card accounts carry a revolving balance. Once consumers begin to revolve, they do so continuously for about 10 months on average, with approximately 15 percent revolving continuously for two years or more. The longer a balance is revolved, the higher the chances that the consumer will continue to revolve a balance.   

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Nearly half of mortgage borrowers don’t shop around when they buy a home

We shop to find the best price for laptops or appliances, but a report of recent mortgage borrowers found that almost half of us don’t shop around for a mortgage when we buy a home. Failing to shop for a mortgage could cost you. Consumers who consider interest rates offered by multiple lenders or brokers may see substantial differences in the rates. Our report sheds light on consumer behavior, and we have tools that can help.