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Financial coaching can benefit consumers

Financial coaching can help consumers achieve their financial goals.  It’s a strategy that financial educators can implement with the people they serve.  Read more about our two briefs: “Financial Coaching: A Strategy to Improve Financial Well-Being” and “Implementing Financial Coaching: Implications for Practitioners.”

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Creating your own financial rules to live by

Consumers have told us that they sometimes find common financial advice — like “save 10% of your income” — hard to apply to their own circumstances. Some common financial advice may feel beyond your reach based on your current financial situation. Don’t feel discouraged, you can create your own personal rules to live by that work for your financial situation. We have created three worksheets to help you.

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How much money is spent on advertising financial products?

If you think about it, you probably see a lot of advertising for products and services for managing your money. Television ads, highway billboards, Internet banner ads, offers in your mailbox, and more. We decided to find out how much money is spent on advertising to Americans each year for financial products and services. No […]