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Tell us about your student debt stress

If you are paying back student loans, you are not alone. Over 40 million Americans are repaying more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. Paying off student debt can be stressful. If you’ve run into roadblocks, tell us about it. Learn more about the roadblocks some borrowers face and tell us about your experience.

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We’re protecting students from predatory lending

Today, we filed a lawsuit against ITT Educational Services, Inc., accusing the for-profit college chain of predatory student lending. We believe that ITT used high-pressure tactics to push many students into expensive private student loans that were likely to end in default. Watch the press conference or read remarks.

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Explainer: What the multi-billion dollar Ocwen enforcement action means for you

We’re taking action against Ocwen Financial Corporation for years of systemic misconduct that includes unfair shortcuts, unauthorized fees, deception, illegal foreclosures, and other illegal practices. Ocwen will be required to provide $2 billion in loan modification relief to its customers and $125 million in refunds to consumers whose homes were foreclosed. Learn more about what this might mean for you.

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Know Before You Owe: Just one example of our approach to policy-making

As the mortgage disclosure team said last week, we based Know Before You Owe on the idea that disclosure information is clearer when the people who will have to use those disclosures participate in designing them. We got feedback from many sources in many ways: In-person testing of the forms in cities across the country […]

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Updates to remittance transfer rule resources and a correction to the rule

We strive to make financial markets work for both consumers and the entities we regulate. Critical to that goal is making sure that businesses – both small and large – have what they need to understand and comply with our new regulations, which are designed both to help consumers and make a fair playing field […]