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At the CFPB

Worker surveillance poses potential privacy harms

In a response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s inquiry into automated worker surveillance, the CFPB has also outlined concerns about the potential harms workers may face when algorithms continually determine a worker’s earnings, hours, and more.
At the CFPB

La vigilancia al trabajador amenaza la privacidad

En la CFPB no preocupan los potenciales perjuicios que los trabajadores enfrentarían cuando algoritmos constantemente sepan cuánto ganan, sus horarios y más.
Director's notebook Policy and compliance

The CFPB intends to identify ways to simplify and streamline the existing mortgage servicing rules

CFPB will propose streamlining the existing mortgage servicing rules to promote greater agility on the part of mortgage servicers in responding to future economic shocks while also continuing to ensure they meet their obligations for assisting borrowers promptly and fairly.