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Consumidores perjudicados por servicios fraudulentos de alivio de deuda de préstamos estudiantiles, recibirán compensación

Los consumidores recibirán cheques provenientes de nuestra acción de cumplimiento de ley contra cinco compañías de alivio de deuda de préstamos estudiantiles, asociadas a Monster Loan y Tech Loans, por violar leyes de protección al consumidor

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Financial coaching services to transitioning veterans and economically vulnerable consumers

Whether you are a veteran transitioning to life in the civilian world or a consumer facing economic challenges – for example, seeking work after becoming unemployed or coping with a housing crisis – having a trusted, well-informed advisor can increase your odds of success. That’s why we’re launching a new initiative – the first consumer […]

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What’s the Civil Penalty Fund?

When we pursue an enforcement action against a person or company for violating a federal consumer financial protection law, the person or company may have to pay a civil penalty. When we collect civil penalties, we deposit them in the Civil Penalty Fund. Read more about the Fund here. How do you use the money […]