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We study how consumers interact with financial products and services to help identify potential problems in the marketplace and achieve better outcomes for all. Review our reports and analyses to help inform your decisions, policies, and practices. And, see reports that we periodically prepare about the CFPB.

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Consumer education and empowerment

Justice-Involved Individuals and the Consumer Financial Marketplace

This report outlines challenges faced by justice-involved people and their families in navigating their finances at each stage of the criminal justice system.
Supervisory Highlights

Supervisory Highlights Consumer Reporting Special Edition, Issue No. 20 (Fall 2019)

In this special issue of Supervisory Highlights, we report examination findings in the areas of consumer reporting and furnishing of information to consumer reporting companies, pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Regulation V. The report does not impose any new or different legal requirements, and all violations described in the report are based only on those specific facts and circumstances noted during those examinations.
Consumer education and empowerment

Convening communities to build elder fraud prevention and response networks

This report describes the outcomes of the Bureau-initiated community convenings in Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Montana, and Oregon. The purpose of the report is to share the learnings and achievements from the convenings to encourage the establishment of new or enhance existing networks and help communities improve coordination and collaboration between responders and service providers.