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Here’s how community-based organizations can do business with us

So often, the work that we do relies on the knowledge and expertise that community-based organizations provide us. These organizations are our eyes and ears on-the-ground, and they give us feedback on how our work can impact people. We want to make sure that we not only informally include these organizations in our meetings and events, but also offer them the chance to do business with us through contracts.

Like any other federal agency, CFPB procures goods and services through the federal procurement process. We are always seeking the most qualified and innovative firms to do business with us, which include community-based organizations. Typically, these organizations may not use government contracts as a funding source, for various reasons, but we would like to make that option less difficult for them.

We will be hosting a training conference for community- based organizations on how to do business with us on Thursday, November 14 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The conference will be held in our Washington, D.C. headquarters office and we will have procurement and financial education experts who will walk through the basic steps of federal contracting and what to prepare for. There will be a teleconference line available as well. If you’re interested in attending in-person or by phone, please e-mail by Friday, November 8. Please make note of any reasonable accommodations you may need. This event will be jointly hosted by our Office of Procurement, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, and Office of Financial Empowerment.

In the coming months, we’ll be launching several new initiatives that may focus on financial education and capability programs. We’ll be looking for organizations to work with on these programs, and we’ll be procuring these services through federal contracts. Community-based organizations are encouraged to consider these opportunities. For example, we’ve released a draft solicitation on the “Bridges to Financial Security” initiative . This initiative aims to provide financial education to individuals with disabilities who are transitioning into the workforce, increase their financial capability, and help them take control of their finances.

We want to take full advantage of technology, transparency, open communications, and best practices during the procurement process for these initiatives. That’s why we’ll provide organizations with the resources and opportunities to compete for working with us.

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