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Better Together: How NCPW partner agencies are protecting consumers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will bring together under one roof a collection of important consumer protection duties that used to be scattered across the federal government. This week, we join a variety of government agencies to mark National Consumer Protection Week. This week is about raising awareness of your rights and resources as a consumer.

A critical first step in raising awareness is making clear where consumers can go for help with different kinds of issues. At the CFPB, we focus on credit cards, mortgages, and other consumer financial products and services. But obviously, there are other kinds of products that you buy and use every day, and there are other agencies that oversee those products. Here are some of the other ways that National Consumer Protection Week partners are working to protect you:

  • Cell Phone Bills – When we launched, we received many suggestions about changes in cell phone billing. The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees phone carriers, has information to help you understand why bills may change and what you can do to avoid “bill shock.” Learn more about the FCC’s work to prevent bill shock.
  • Online Privacy – Advances in technology make it easier to find things you want or need online, but these advances can also make your personal information vulnerable to theft. Several government agencies have partnered with the technology industry to create OnGuard Online, which provides practical tips from federal government and the technology industry to help you guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information. Visit
  • Health Care Information – There are many sources of information about insurance, medication, and health care providers. It can be hard to know which to trust, but consumers need good information when they make decisions for themselves and their loved ones. The Federal Trade Commission has created Who Cares to help you find reliable information about different health care products and services. Find quality health care information at Who Cares.

To find other resources with information about your rights and resources as a consumer, visit For more information specific to consumer financial products and services, visit our National Consumer Protection Week page.

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