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Category: Blog Add your company to the list of sources for free credit scores
Category: Blog Has having more access to free credit scores made a difference? Let us know!
Category: Press Release CFPB Takes Action to Shut Down Credit Repair Company for Charging Illegal Fees and Misleading Consumers
Category: Blog Denied for a bank account? Here’s what you should know
Category: Press Release CFPB Takes Action Against JPMorgan Chase for Failures Related to Checking Account Screening Information
Category: Blog Top five consumer financial complaints reported across the U.S.
Category: Report CFPB Data Point: Becoming credit visible
Category: Press Release Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Study Finds Consumers in Lower-income Areas are More Likely to Become Credit Visible Due to Negative Records
Category: Blog Understanding Consumer Experiences: Insights from CFPB’s 2016 Consumer Response Annual Report
Category: Report Supervisory Highlights Consumer Reporting Special Edition
Category: Blog Check our new list to see if your credit card offers you free access to one of your credit scores
Category: Blog What you need to know: Understanding why offers for “your” credit score are not all the same
Category: Blog We’re exploring the use of a list of companies that offer free credit scores
Category: Blog How to avoid credit repair service scams
Category: Press Release CFPB Sues Credit Repair Company for Misleading Consumers and Charging Illegal Fees
Category: Blog You have the right to request your consumer reports
Category: Blog 6 tips for using your credit card this season
Category: Press Release CFPB Orders Subprime Credit Reporting Company and Owner to Pay $8 Million Penalty for Illegal Practices
Category: Blog Fall 2015 rulemaking agenda
Category: Blog Servicemembers: Protecting your credit when you’re away from home
Category: Blog Removing an outdated bankruptcy from a credit report: Jorge’s story
Category: Report Data point: Credit invisibles
Category: Speech Prepared Remarks of CFPB Director Richard Cordray on the Credit Reporting Press Call
Category: Press Release CFPB Report Finds 26 Million Consumers Are Credit Invisible
Category: Report Consumer voices on credit reports and scores
Category: Report Consumer credit reports: A study of medical and non-medical collections
Category: Blog Consumer Advisory: 7 ways to keep medical debt in check
Category: Blog Here’s how medical debt hurts your credit report
Category: Blog Getting the help you need, in the language you understand – Higinio’s story
Category: Report Consumer Response: A snapshot of complaints received
Category: Report Credit reporting complaint snapshot
Category: Blog Now you have better options to dispute a credit report error
Category: Report A snapshot of complaints received
Category: Report Consumer Response Annual Report
Category: Report Key Dimensions and Processes in the U.S. Credit Reporting System: A review of how the nation’s largest credit bureaus manage consumer data
Category: Report Analysis of Differences between Consumer- and Creditor-Purchased Credit Scores
Category: Blog Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) examination procedures
Category: Report The impact of differences between consumer- and creditor-purchased credit scores