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Cinco formas de reconocer una estafa con su Seguro Social

Las estafas con el Seguro Social son el tipo más común de fraude y los estafadores están mejorando sus trucos que ahora incluyen llamadas telefónicas, emails y mensajes de texto. Le mostramos las señales que debe observar para protegerse usted y a sus seres queridos.

Category: Data, research, and reports |

Financial institutions report widespread elder financial abuse

The Bureau released a report about key facts, trends, and patterns revealed in Suspicious Activity Reports—or SARs—filed by banks, credit unions, casinos, and other financial services providers from 2013-2017. This first-ever public analysis provides a chance to better understand elder fraud and to find ways to improve prevention and response.

Category: Policy and compliance |

We’re suing a robo-call debt collector

Today we’re announcing that we filed a lawsuit against a robo-call debt collection operation, including its ringleaders, their companies, and service providers. The debt collectors allegedly sent millions of robo-calls to threaten, harass, and deceive consumers to collect debt that consumers do not owe, or were not owed to the debt collectors themselves. The complaint alleges that the scheme depended on the participation of the telemarketing company that sent the robo-calls and the payment processors that allowed the collectors to access consumers’ bank accounts.