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Resources for employers

We provide free tools and tips to help employers support the financial well-being of their workers.

People make important personal money decisions in the workplace. At the same time, they can be coping with money stresses. Improving the financial well-being of workers can help organizations function better.

Share resources with your workforce

Order publications

Order and download free booklets, placemats, and worksheets on a full range of money topics to hand out to your workers. Many are available in multiple languages.

Order free publications

Build a financial wellness program

Here’s how you can start building a culture of financial well-being.

Understand the basics

Get to know the definition of financial well-being and how organizations incorporate it into their programs.

Webinar: Introduction to financial well-being

Webinar: Financial well-being in the workplace

Focus on five principles to help your financial education program deliver results

Effective education can move people from good intentions to actions. Our principles can help.

Using the five principles of effective financial education in your workplace

Measure financial well-being in the workplace

With just 10 rigorously tested and validated questions, you can measure financial well-being in your workforce. Use the financial well-being scale to compare groups and observe changes over time.

Try the questionnaire yourself

Getting started with measuring financial well-being: a toolkit

View webinar: How to develop a program and measure success

Explore the research

The CFPB conducts studies focused on financial education and workplace wellness. Use these resources to help you understand how your workplace can be part of improving financial well-being nationwide.

Financial well-being in America

This report presents an overview of financial well-being in the United States.

Pathways to financial well-being

This study explores the link between financial skills and financial well-being.