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Elder Fraud Prevention Network Development Guide

Resources to build an elder fraud prevention and response network

Mobilize key stakeholders in your community to prevent, detect, and respond to elder financial abuse.

Elder financial exploitation threatens the financial security of millions of older Americans annually. In response to this crisis, hundreds of communities across the United States have created collaborative networks to protect their older residents.

Launch a successful network: use our meeting model

Our meeting model includes two key meetings—a convening and a post-convening—to help you bring stakeholders together to enhance the prevention of and response to elder financial exploitation.

Plan a convening

A convening is an effective way to bring stakeholders and community leaders together to create a collaborative network. Gather a core team of key community members to help you plan logistics and reach out to the wider community.

Host a convening

How you conduct a convening can set the tone for your network. Here are some suggestions on how to provide opportunities for collaboration and make sure everyone's voice is heard during a convening.

Reconvene and establish your network

After holding a convening, it's important to bring community stakeholders back together to determine next steps toward addressing priorities identified at the convening.

Expand network capabilities

After your network establishes priorities, consider leveraging working groups to reach goals, engage the community, and grow the influence of the network.

Network resources

As you create and grow your network, use these tools to plan meetings, identify and prioritize goals, and build foundational knowledge of elder fraud prevention.

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