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Working with students and young consumers

We have tools and resources for those working to help students, young adults, and their families manage their money, build credit, save or pay for college, and repay student debt.

Tools and resources to help the people you serve

Preparing to pay for college and managing money

Paying for college

Help students make informed financial decisions about paying for college.

Managing money

Practical advice for students on how to take action to get the best deal for their financial situation.

Student loan portal

The student loan portal will help those prepping for college, already in college or repaying student loan debt.  We have tools and resources available to help students make the best decision for them.

Action guides

Check out our action guides geared toward helping students prepare to pay for college and manage their money.

Repaying student debt

Student debt repayment options

This resource helps students understand their choices and explore repayment options.

Public service loan forgiveness

Public service organizations can help student loan borrowers who are serving their communities.

Resources for practitioners

Training webinars

Training webinars on topics facing prospective students, student loan borrowers, and those who work with student loan borrowers.

Financial inTuition Podcast

Learn tips and strategies on how to make more informed financial decisions around managing money, saving and paying for higher education, and repaying student loan debt.

What the CFPB is doing

Payback Playbook

We developed a playbook that aims to help student loan borrowers get the information they need to make informed choices about getting an affordable monthly payment.

Reports and advisories

We publish reports and advisories on key issues affecting students and young consumers.