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Managing your finances

If you are facing financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic, we have resources to protect and manage your finances.

Resources to use to make financial decisions during the pandemic

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Protect yourself financially from the impact of the coronavirus

You can take steps to help protect yourself or a loved one from the financial impact of the coronavirus. Find options for making payments and steps to take to protect yourself financially.

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Tools to help when you can't pay your bills

If you are having trouble paying your bills we have tools to help you take stock of your finances and make the hard decisions about which bills to prioritize as you deal with the financial impacts of the coronavirus.

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A guide to COVID-19 economic stimulus relief

We’ve worked to break down the most common questions about the Economic Impact Payments, including how much you’re eligible to receive and when you can expect to receive it.

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How to use your Economic Impact Payment prepaid debit card without paying a fee

You may receive a prepaid debit card from the government with your economic impact payments, learn how to access this money and use your card without paying a fee.

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Other federal resources to help you protect your finances