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Planning for retirement

Balancing debt, retirement income, and assets becomes even more important to your financial security as you age. We can help you prepare for the future.

Your retirement income

Deciding when to take social security and how to use your pension are some of the most important decisions you can make in retirement. 

Protect your retirement pension

If you are considering a pension advance, follow these dos and don’ts.

When will you claim Social Security?

The amount of your monthly Social Security retirement benefit depends on the age at which you claim.

Considering a lump sum pension payout? Consider these tips.

While a lump sum payout can give you the flexibility of choosing whether to invest or save your money, there are risks, too.

Pension advance traps to avoid

Pension advances may seem like a quick fix to your financial problems, but they could be a scam.

Your home and retirement

Your home and the equity you have accrued can provide a safety net for your retirement years. 

What is a home equity loan?

Learn how home equity loans work, and whether it’s a good idea to borrow against the savings you’ve built up in your home.

Considering a reverse mortgage?

If you are thinking about borrowing a reverse mortgage loan, be sure to carefully consider all your options.

Don’t be misled by reverse mortgage advertising

Don’t be fooled by reverse mortgage advertising that doesn’t mention the risks.

Steps you should take if you have a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages can affect others in your home.

Planning for the future

Because you are likely to spend 20 or more years in retirement, you may need help making financial decisions as you age.

Need help managing your money or someone else’s?

If you need help managing your finances or you’re helping someone else, this guide will clarify your role and responsibilities.

Plan for financial decisions as you age

As we age, sometimes we lose confidence in our ability to manage our own money and property.

Know your financial adviser

Choosing a financial adviser can be challenging, especially since your needs are likely to change with age. 

Is aging in place right for you?

Although the promise of staying put is attractive, it might not be the best option for you.

Managing your debt

More older consumers are carrying debt into retirement. Learn how to prevent debt from jeopardizing your financial security. 

Three tips to keeping your retirement plan on track

Many seniors are paying a mortgage well into retirement. If you’re one of them, make sure it doesn’t throw a wrench into your retirement plans.

Four tips for older student loan borrowers

Struggling to make monthly federal student loan payments, or wondering about your responsibilities as a loan co-signer? 

Seven ways to keep medical debt in check

From negotiating your bills to keeping proper documentation, there are many things you can do to manage medical debt.