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Help is here for people with severe disabilities struggling with student loans

Borrowers whose student loans are forgiven due to death or disability will no longer have to pay federal income taxes on those forgiven loans. Now, tens of thousands of disabled veterans and hundreds of thousands of people living with severe disabilities are eligible for new student loan protections. 


Reminder: Accessing your scholarships and student loan funds

Many college students receive scholarships, grants, and student loans to help them pay rent, get to and from school, and cover other costs, like textbooks. We issued this consumer advisory to help students better understand their options when it comes to managing their scholarships and student loans. Learn more about accessing your funds.


Your two cents on student cards and bank accounts

Today, we’re launching an initiative on student cards and bank accounts and we want your input. We’ve published a Notice and Request for Information Regarding Financial Products Marketed to Students Enrolled in Institutions of Higher Education in the Federal Register. The title might sound a little formal, but the reality is simple: we want to hear from you.


Consumer advisory: Accessing your scholarships and student loan funds

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is issuing a consumer advisory today to all students expecting to receive scholarship and student loan proceeds onto – what appears to be – a school-endorsed debit card. We are also asking consumers to tell us about their experiences getting their financial aid funds. Yesterday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, […]