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The 2018 Financial Literacy Annual Report sums up a year of achievements in financial education

Financial education is a critical part of the Bureau’s mission to empower people to take more control over their economic lives.

The 2018 Financial Literacy Annual Report details how the Bureau works toward this goal by:

  • Providing financial education directly to the public, and by expanding local delivery of financial information
  • Sharing research on effective financial education and financial well-being with financial educators
  • Addressing needs for inclusion and financial security of servicemembers and veterans, older Americans, historically underserved communities, and students

Inside the report

Read the report and discover the many programs and tools the Bureau provides to help enhance the financial knowledge and skills of people throughout the country, from childhood to later life, so that they can build financial well-being.

For help navigating financial decisions, consumers can use Web-based guides like Buying a House, Planning for Retirement, and other consumer tools. From October 2017 to September 2018, more than 9.9 million people turned to our online and print resources, which include:

Educators in K-12 classrooms can find research-based guides and activities to build students’ financial capability.

Parents can find research, activities, and conversation starters to build their children’s money skills.

Community service organizations can find tools, local information, training, and networks to protect consumers and build financial capability. Libraries in more than 2,000 communities take part in our Community Education Program, which supplies free publications, monthly webinars, and opportunities to connect with local financial education providers. Nationwide, more than 26,000 frontline staff and volunteers are trained in the Bureau’s Your Money, Your Goals program, to assist the people they serve with financial information.

For financial educators, coaches, and counselors working with adults, we offer research and resources for improving services. Our free publications on a range of topics are available for bulk order or download.

Those who target their services to special populations can find dedicated resources for:

  • Older Americans and their families, to help improve their financial security and protections, including recommendations to financial services providers about steps they can take to help prevent exploitation
  • Servicemembers and veterans, to help address common financial challenges throughout the military life cycle
  • Students and young consumers, to support informed financial choices as they pay for college, repay student debt, and make money decisions

Read more about the Bureau’s financial literacy accomplishments in 2018.

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