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When I pay a bill online, can the bank/credit union take the money out before the date I scheduled the payment?

Different banks and credit unions use different systems for scheduling and making online bill payments. 

Some banks and credit unions may choose to deduct the funds from your account early if you are a new customer or if you have a large amount of money scheduled for bill pay.

In addition, the time frame required to process a payment depends upon whether the bank or credit union is able to pay the payee electronically or must issue a paper check. Paper checks often require more lead time.

Most banks and credit unions’ online bill pay services let you schedule a payment on a particular “send date” so that it will get to the payee on a particular “arrival date.” While some banks and credit unions debit funds from your account on the arrival date, other banks and credit unions debit funds on the send date. Ask your bank or credit union about when it normally debits bill payment funds.