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I am a servicemember and we just received PCS orders or have to move for another reason. I's impossible to sell our home for enough to pay off our current mortgage so we've been advised to rent it out instead. I recall when we signed the mortgage that we were told that our rate was based on the fact that the house would be owner-occupied. Will this be an issue if we want to rent the house?

Many mortgage rates are based on whether the property will or will not be initially occupied by the owners. Your mortgage and note will specify the amount of time that you must occupy the property (often one or two years). If you didn't keep a copy of your mortgage and note from the closing, call your mortgage lender and request copies for your review.

If you have a VA loan, the specific guidelines that apply to your mortgage can be accessed through your regional VA office, which you may locate by visiting the VA's website .

For additional guidance on non-VA mortgages, contact your local legal assistance office.

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