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Press release

CFPB Proposes Rule to Close Bank Overdraft Loophole that Costs Americans Billions Each Year in Junk Fees

The CFPB today proposed a rule to rein in excessive overdraft fees charged by the nation’s biggest financial institutions.
Press release

La CFPB Propone Normativa para Cerrar el Vacío Legal sobre los Sobregiros Bancarios que le Cuesta Miles de Millones de Dólares a los Consumidores del País

CFPB propone normativa para regir las excesivas penalidades por sobregiros, cobrados por las instituciones financieras más grandes de la nación.
Director's statement

Prepared Remarks of CFPB Director Rohit Chopra on the Proposed Personal Financial Data Rights Rule

Director Chopra discussed the CFPB’s proposed rule to activate a dormant authority under a 2010 law to accelerate much-needed competition and decentralization in banking and consumer finance by making it easier to switch to a new provider.