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I got my credit score from two different credit bureaus and have two different numbers. Why is that?

You could have many different credit scores because there are a variety of scores in the marketplace, often with different score ranges.

Even if you buy a credit score it will likely be different than the one a lender sees.

To learn more about the different scores in the marketplace, you can review the CFPB’s report detailing the difference between the scores consumers can purchase and those that lenders use.

Even where credit scoring models have the same range, a consumer’s credit score can vary among credit reporting companies because of different underlying data.

Sometimes, lenders do not furnish information to all three nationwide credit reporting companies. Lenders may also furnish information to each of the bureaus at different times, causing differences in scores. Bureaus may have access to different court records, and each bureau has different data sources such as rental data, which can also lead to different score results.

Comparing your scores between different models is less important than understanding your overall level of creditworthiness and confirming that the underlying information in your credit report is accurate .