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Measuring Youth Financial Capability

To effectively teach the building blocks of financial capability, it’s helpful to gauge what students know, understand, and can do. This information shapes your instruction and measures students’ progress. 

The building blocks “Youth financial capability survey” highlights the attitudes, skills, and habits a young person has by measuring their development of three interconnected building blocks of financial capability: executive function, financial habits and norms, and financial knowledge and decision-making skills. 

Analyzing students’ scores can help capture their emerging financial capability for a specific moment in time. In addition, if the survey is given at different administration periods (e.g., for a pre- and post-assessment), it can show students’ progress over time. To better understand what goes into an overall financial capability score, students can analyze their areas for growth as well as their areas of strength. Educators can use this information to help students reflect on what they might do to improve their financial capability.