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2021 Financial Literacy Annual Report

The 2021 Financial Literacy Annual Report details the CFPB’s financial literacy strategy and activities to improve the financial literacy of consumers. Overall, this report describes the CFPB’s efforts in a broad range of financial literacy areas relevant to consumers’ financial lives. It highlights our work including:

  • Response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Housing Insecurity Campaign
  • Foundational research to understand the pathways to financial well-being
  • Misadventures in Money Management online training program
  • Managing Someone Else’s Money guides
  • Your Money, Your Goals toolkit
  • Paying for College tool
  • Direct to consumer tools, community outreach channels, and areas of research.

The ultimate goal is to improve the financial literacy of all consumers in America and we are committed to bringing together partners from across sectors to develop and execute a strategy to achieve this outcome. We will continue to build on our efforts going forward to prevent consumer harm and ensure that consumers are protected.

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