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2017 Financial Literacy Annual Report

An essential part of the mission of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is to empower consumers to take more control over their financial lives. That’s why we’ve made financial education a critical component of our work.

The CFPB’s work in financial literacy is designed to enhance financial capability by educating and empowering consumers to address the types of financial decisions, opportunities, and challenges that arise throughout the financial life cycle. We intend to help people to be prepared as consumers and to equip themselves to make informed financial choices in order to reach their own life goals and to enhance their own financial well-being. We do this by offering:

  • Information and tools addressing money management and other money topics.
  • Ways to build skills in financial decision-making. These skills can support people as they identify and respond to the opportunities and challenges of their financial lives, build individual wealth, and prepare for ongoing and later life financial security.
  • Steps to take to prepare the next generation for financial success by developing money management habits and skills for youth.

The report highlights some of these efforts.

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Report one-pager

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