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Youth Financial Education Research Priorities

Many young people reach adulthood without the basic financial knowledge and skills that are critical for establishing healthy financial futures. Across the country, policymakers, educators, and program leaders are pursuing a wide range of approaches for teaching financial education and capability. Notwithstanding these efforts, there is still a lack of rigorous evidence as to effective practices for youth financial education. The Youth Financial Education Research Priorities, lays out key unanswered research questions in youth financial education identified by a range of stakeholders. Research into these questions may point the way towards evidence-based solutions that are effective, scalable and invite implementation. As a companion to this document, the Bureau published “A review of youth financial education: Effects and evidence” to help stakeholders use existing research to make evidence-informed policy, programming and resourcing decisions in school-based financial education. Taken together, this report and the Research Priorities documents provide a thorough understanding of youth financial education research to date and a proposed roadmap for future research. 

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