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Do I need an online account for my prepaid card?

No, you do not need an online account for your prepaid card. Many prepaid card providers encourage you to set up an online account to manage your prepaid card and access information you may need. 

You can check your card balance and review your account history through your online account. Checking your account activity online can help you monitor for errors and unauthorized transactions. You also may be able to avoid certain fees by managing your account online, instead of using live customer service or ATMs to access certain account information.

You may also be able to update your address, pay bills, or set up a transfer to add more money to your card through your online account. 

If you set up an online account, follow basic internet security precautions. These include picking a password that won’t be easy to guess, logging out of your account promptly when you are finished, and closing your browser each time you log off your account. 

You can learn more about internet security for financial transactions at , a website from the Federal Trade Commission.