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African-American and Hispanic borrowers harmed by Provident will receive $9 million in compensation

Today, African-American and Hispanic borrowers who were unlawfully charged higher interest or higher broker fees on mortgage loans with Provident Funding Associates were mailed checks compensating them for their harm. 

In May 2015, together with the Department of Justice (DOJ), we filed a complaint against Provident Funding Associates for discrimination in loan pricing. The complaint alleged that Provident charged approximately 14,000 African-American and Hispanic borrowers more on mortgage loans than similarly situated non-Hispanic white borrowers between 2006 and 2011. Provident was ordered to provide $9 million in relief to overcharged borrowers. 

If you were harmed by Provident’s discriminatory practices, read on for more information.

What to do if you get a check

You should cash or deposit into your account the check enclosed in the letter from the Provident settlement administrator.

If you think that you received a check in error or you are not eligible, please call the Provident settlement administrator at 1-855-896-0632.

What to do if you don’t get a check but think you are eligible to receive compensation

You will only receive a check if you previously received participation materials and followed the participation instructions on how to take part in the settlement.

If you did not receive a check in the mail and think you are eligible, please call the Provident settlement administrator at 1-855-896-0632.

Avoid scams

As part of this settlement, the Provident settlement administrator, the CFPB, the DOJ, or your local U.S. Attorney’s office may contact you. Provident is paying Garden City Group to serve as the settlement administrator. 

The CFPB or other claim administrator will never ask you to pay to participate in the settlement. You should treat any other contact claiming to be related to this settlement as a scam. Please immediately report any scam to the Provident settlement administrator at

Still have questions?

If you have any questions, check out the Provident settlement administrator’s website or you may call the administrator at 1-855-896-0632.

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